Blyth, Northumberland
Starting over 9k per session
18 Feb 2019
18 May 2019
Contract Type
Full Time


Railway Medical

Please take time to read this advert. It’s written by one of our salaried GPs to tell you why Railway is a good place to work.

Yes like all places we are busy and demand is increasing, GP work is pretty much the same anywhere you go now but this is why I think you should consider here and I have worked here 15yrs! 

* Flexible on sessions looking for ideally 8 but discuss less 

* Really nice partners to work for who are in no way going to dictate to you! 

* Good pay and increasing scale according to how much experience you have starting at over £9k/session , and obviously pay your defence fees 

* We get paid admin time! 

* Good holidays 7 weeks pro rata 

* No horrendous old fashioned on call days with late visits as we run an acute service for on the day demand ( telephone triage ) and late visits run by 2 GPs and a nurse – so that means no extras on your surgery either. Not all our doctors are involved in triage but if you would like to you can. 

* Flexible surgery times – you can start pretty much when you want and have whatever appointment length you need as long as you seem same amount patients 

* Very flexible about specialist areas – if you would like to do something will try our best to support this whether this be teaching/ injections/ minor ops etc but not compulsory 

* Extended hours work not expected unless you want to for extra money except pro rata share of Saturday rota which works out about 6-7/ year for 8-9 session GP ( its only 3 hrs and not that onerous ) 

* We try our best to go out to lunch once a week and if you are lucky our senior partner will pay! 

* We have lovely patients on the whole , yes Blyth has a reputation for drugs but we tend not to see these patients as they are managed by substance misuse 

* Paperwork minimal as filtered by admin staff 

* Pharmacy technicians in house who sort out most of our prescription queries. 

Written by 

Dr Georgina Smith, Salaried GP, Railway Medical Group 



And the necessary practice info 

* List size, 26,000 

* 20 GPs 

* EmisWeb clinical system 


Contact: Chris Watson 

Practice Manager / Management Partner 

Tel 01670 542632

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