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Up to £120 per hour
01 Aug 2018
01 Sep 2018
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Prison Health Services

We provide primary care and prison healthcare services to HM Prison Service, private providers and immigration centres across the UK. Through the management of daily GP clinics, out of hours care provision and health management schemes, we provide an effective combination of core and non-core medical services and fully managed in-patient medical facilities.

We have an ongoing requirement for General Practitioners who want to work in Prisons in the North West Region, with plenty of flexible sessions to choose from. To top it off you could earn up to £120 per hour and perhaps even more for last minute sessions. 

Providing high standards of prison healthcare for prisoners and detainees, addressing their often complex needs and vulnerabilities, we always aim to work closely with local NHS services to ensure those in prison receive a level of healthcare equivalent to that available within the community.

We recognise and constantly work towards new Government health initiatives while placing great emphasis on preventative healthcare. To maximise quality and value for money, we tailor our services according to each secure establishment’s needs, and we deliver them through a carefully chosen combination of GP and Nurse-led care.

We have the following types of sessions available: 

GP Clinic – AM & PM – This is a busy clinic, there are 12 slots, each appointment lasting 10 minutes, clinic is 2 hours long, but often more than 12 patients will need to be seen per session. 

Reception Session – This session is where the GP will see all ‘New Receptions’ coming into the prison. These patients have mostly come straight from court, possibly relocated from another prison. The reason why we require a GP with substance misuse experience, is the likelihood is, the patients come in to the prison intoxicated (high or drunk - especially if from court) and need to be withdrawn.  We need an IDTS doctor or someone who has been working in prisons for a long time as they see all the 'new receptions' into the Prison. The reason why they need substance misuse experience, is the likelihood they come in high or drunk (especially if from court) and need to be withdrawn.  There is a Substance misuse team to help, but we cannot put an inexperienced doctor in this session. Seeing roughly 30 patients per session. 

Admin Session – This session is where GP’s will review letters that have come into the Prison, Blood Test Results, ECG Results and deal with Outstanding Tasks (Examples include nurses requesting medication for a patient, or pharmacy asking for repeat prescriptions).

On-call – This is telephone based only. The GP that is On-call must be available at all times when on duty or must call back within half hour. The GP will be responsible for giving medical advice over phone. If prescriptions are needed but the GP has no remote access, they can email or fax scripts but will need to get the fax / email address from the staff member that they are speaking with.  

Virtual Surgery –This clinic is where GP’s review patients via SYSTEM1. This is a new clinic that gives GP’s the opportunity to clear tasks that they think can be managed without the patient seeing the GP. These tasks take longer as the GP needs to investigate history etc. The GP will have 10 minutes per review. It is called a ‘Virtual Clinic’ as there is no direct patient contact. 

Urgent Clinic – Waiting lists to see GP’s are quite long in prisons, some wait weeks for an appointment. However, each day (at each prison) there are appointments set aside for if patients require urgent care or attention. These appointments are grouped together to make an ‘Urgent Clinic’. 

Remote sessions – Remote sessions are very similar to Admin Sessions; the only difference is that the GP will be doing the session outside the prison grounds. GP’s will review Blood Test Results, ECG Results and deal with Outstanding Tasks. This session can only be done by a GP who is experienced in Prisons and someone with outside access to System 1 (you need a special N3 connection, which is the secure NHS connection) The GP will not be able to log in from a normal PC but can be done from a ‘work’ laptop or if a GP is at their surgery and can log on from there. 

New Admissions – When patients come in via a ‘reception session’, they will all be screened by the nurse on duty. If the nurse feels the patient requires (or if they request) a GP appointment - these are the ‘new admissions’ slots put aside for this. These appointments are around 10 min each.

CSU – Some Prisons have an inpatient unit. Technically an on-site hospital ward.  We have a designated team that run the inpatient unit, however, each day the GP must go to the ward, pass by each individual patient and make sure that everything is ok with each patient. 

You can choose your preference from the above or even work a combination of sessions.

All our prison nurses, prison doctors and Clinical teams are highly trained and security vetted. If you are a GP and want to find out more please apply below or call us on 020 3489 6070

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