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  • Working life: 100% faithful

    • 10 Mar 2023

    London GP Dr Amos Ogunkoya describes a day as a contestant on the BBC’s gameshow The Traitors, a psychological battle of wits where players must decide who they can trust

  • Working life: Writing for the next generation

    • 2 Feb 2023

    A day in the life of Dr Paul McNamara, who balances caring for patients with writing, including an educational book for children.

  • Working life: Climate change check-up

    • 12 Jan 2023

    Glasgow GP Dr Sian Ashby, who campaigned at COP26, recalls her experiences one year on.

  • Working Life: Celebrating Christmas – and life – in the hospice

    • 30 Nov 2022

    Dr Ben Rusholme shares his special perspective of providing hospice care on Christmas Day with GP wife Dr Daisy Rusholme and their dog Storm.

  • Working Life: Improving healthcare for veterans

    • 26 Oct 2022

    Ahead of Remembrance Day, Brigadier (Retd) Dr Robin Simpson describes his week following Armed Forces Day in June.

  • Working Life: Caring for a community blighted by tragedy

    • 7 Oct 2022

    Dr Yasmin Razak on caring for a community marred by the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

  • Working Life: Medic for Team Scotland

    • 12 Sep 2022

    Dr Emma Lunan describes her experiences as a medic for Team Scotland at the recent Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

  • Working Life: Caring for patients and the planet

    • 16 Jun 2022

    Dr Matt Sawyer describes a typical week running a sustainability consultancy alongside GP clinics.

  • Supporting Afghan refugees adapting to London

    • 21 Apr 2022

    Dr Ethie Kong journeys how her support for Afghan evacuees housed in a local hotel has led to award winning work that has been adopted by other trusts and the Home Office.

  • Working Life: Rapper’s delight

    • 10 Mar 2022

    Dr Chima Anya describes the parallels between practising medicine and performing music

  • Working Life: An immersion in nature

    • 2 Feb 2022

    Dr Lucy Loveday on the projects that are aiming to support burnt-out GPs through the natural environment 

  • Working Life : Climate change crusaders

    • 21 Dec 2021

    Dr Tamsin Ellis and Dr Aarti Bansal, GP members of the Greener Practice network, share their highlights from this winter’s COP26 global conference held in Glasgow

  • Working Life : Protecting the Christmas crowds

    • 26 Nov 2021

    St John Ambulance’s regional clinical manager Dr David Turpin braves the Hull cold at the city’s Christmas lights switch-on

  • Working Life: The art of saving the planet

    • 27 Oct 2021

    Dr Angela Wilson describes the launch of an art exhibition to urge people to fight climate change

  • Working life: Manchester GP

    • 12 Oct 2021

    Manchester GP Dr Haider Ali on being a basketball team doctor now that games have restarted

  • Working life: Connecting remote Zambia

    • 27 Aug 2021

    The Virtual Doctors medical director Dr Daniel Grace on delivering telemedicine to Zambia during Covid

  • Working life: Back in play at Wimbledon

    • 15 Jul 2021

    St John Ambulance volunteer Dr James Thambyrajah on his expectations for this year’s tennis tournament.

  • Working life: Island-bound

    • 7 Jun 2021

    Dr Alison Ambrose splits her GP workload between a remote Scottish island and mainland Cumbria. Here’s how she does it.

  • Working Life: Boxing clever in a pandemic

    • 20 Nov 2020

    Dr Elliot Singer on a night by the ring (in a TV studio)

  • Working Life: Judging the Wellcome Photography Prize 2020

    • 19 Nov 2020

    Dr Aiysha Malik tells Pulse about a day out of the ordinary judging the Wellcome Photography Prize 2020