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  • Sponsored: I have never felt safer than when working with prisoners

    • 5 Apr 2023

    Dr Lisa Brown, Practice Plus Group Lead GP at HMP Five Wells and Regional Medical Lead for the East Midlands talks about her experience working with prisoners.

  • Flexible GP roles are possible but there needs to be a will

    • 28 Aug 2020
    • Dr Katie Musgrave

    The NHS People Plan released this month makes for encouraging reading at first glance. Promising flexibility, will it perhaps help modernise some of the working practices in general practice?

  • BME nurses underrepresented at top of career ladder

    • 24 Feb 2020
    • Mimi Launder

    Nurses from a black and minority ethnic (BME) background are underrepresented at top pay bands and more likely to face discrimination than their white colleagues, the latest national data has revealed.

  • A quarter of GP pension records contain up-to-date information, reveals NHS

    • 31 Jan 2020
    • Lea Legraien, Karl Tomusk

    Only one in four GP pension records for 2017/18 are up to date, which could leave GPs with unexpected tax bills, experts have warned.

  • Gold, incentives and 'meh': how the major parties' election pledges stack up

    • 27 Nov 2019

    Jaimie Kaffash grills the main parties on their plans for general practice in the upcoming election

  • How to become a locum practice nurse

    • 28 Aug 2019
    • Katrina Vos

    General practice nurses are a crucial part of the primary care team. So should a permanent member of staff become unavailable, locum practice nurses can be a huge asset to the practice to avoid great disruption of care.

  • Strategies for selecting a CPD course

    • 28 Aug 2019
    • Robana Hussain-Mills

    Practice nurses understand that continuing professional development (CPD) is key to ensuring their skills and knowledge are up-to-date. Practice nurses must have undertaken 35 hours of CPD relevant to practice nursing in the three-year period since their registration was last renewed, or when joining the register. Of those 35 hours of CPD, at least 20 hours must include participatory learning.

  • Offering nurses a salary while they return to practice will help the shortage

    • 24 Jul 2019
    • Annabel Bennett

    Annabel Bennett wanted to return to nursing but couldn’t afford to work unpaid while she did so. She believes removing that barrier will solve a lot of issues

  • How to ask your practice for CPD

    • 24 Jul 2019
    • Sandra Hawkins, Dina Goy and Judith Pashley

    So, you need some continuing professional development (CPD). But how are you going to get it? Where are you going to access this training? And, most importantly of all, how are you going to persuade your practice to provide the CPD?

  • Dame Donna Kinnair appointed permanent RCN chief executive

    • 18 Apr 2019
    • Mimi Launder

    The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has announced the appointment of Dame Donna Kinnair as chief executive and general secretary.

  • NHS App does not negatively impact practices, pilot finds

    • 12 Apr 2019
    • Anviksha Patel, Reporter

    The NHS Digital pilot testing the NHS App in GP practices in England has had ‘no negative impact’ on surgeries, according to a recent report on the findings.

  • Can the NHS Long Term Plan stop practice nursing flatlining?

    • 28 Mar 2019
    • Kathy Oxtoby, Reporter

    The NHS long-term plan is packed with radical recommendations. Kathy Oxtoby looks at whether any can help primary care

  • One in two GP practices do not offer placements for student nurses

    • 28 Mar 2019
    • David Swan, Editor, Nursing in Practice

    Almost 50% of GP practices in the UK do not accept student nurses on placement, new results from a survey of the primary care workforce have revealed.

  • Almost 40% of GPNs report stress is affecting their level of care

    • 28 Mar 2019
    • David Swan, Editor, Nursing in Practice

    Just under 40% of practice nurses say that the stress associated with the job is affecting their level of patient care, according to results of a new primary care survey.

  • Record number of men applying for nursing courses following recruitment drive

    • 26 Feb 2019
    • Mimi Launder

    The number of 18-year-old men applying to study undergraduate nursing courses in England has risen by more than 50% over a decade, according to new figures.

  • Number of FTE nurses in primary care increased by 2% in 2018

    • 22 Feb 2019
    • David Swan, Editor, Nursing in Practice

    The number of full-time equivalent nurses working in GP practices increased by just under 2% in 2018, new statistics from NHS Digital have revealed.

  • How to reflect on your practice

    • 29 Jan 2019
    • Paula Ingram and Marianne Murdoch

    Paula Ingram and Marianne Murdoch with advice on reflecting for revalidation

  • A day in the life of a prison GP

    • 23 Jan 2019
    • Care UK

    A newly qualified GP details a day in the life of a prison GP.

  • Practices talk up social life in bid to attract new GPs

    • 21 Feb 2018
    • Emma Wilkinson

    GP practices in Scotland are emphasising their social side in job adverts in an attempt to attract new talent amid a severe workforce shortage.

  • Over 500 GPs tempted back to practise in England through NHS scheme

    • 5 Feb 2018
    • Carolyn Wickware

    More than 500 GPs have applied to NHS England's 'induction and refresher' scheme, with more than 300 already practising on the front line, Pulse has learnt.