What is stopping the NHS system growing the medical leaders of the future?

Published on: 1 Aug 2016

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There is a definite need to grow and train NHS leaders from within the system.  However, there are barriers in the way which go outside just the training and development of new leaders including how these leaders will balance their clinical work, leadership and developing their own careers as well as understanding the cultural context doctors operate within.

So why are people put off leadership roles?  In a recent survey by Hay group they identified the main drivers below..


They summarised the key issues as follows…

  1. Managing a leadership role along with clinical obligations is a fine balance and the practitioner needs flexibility in their role to do this effectively
  2. The senior team needs to trust and support the Doctor in order the develop these essential leadership skills
  3. The lack of a resources to get the job done especially administrative and financial support
  4. There is a questions over the status given to the roles and the pay associated with them and if they are really valued.

There are lots of barriers to overcome to convince our clinical practitioners that a move into leadership within the NHS is the right way to go to develop themselves and their careers.

A few questions of what needs to be done to support new leaders inevitably raise their head such as,

  • Clarity of the roles available, what they involve and the support available to develop you towards these leadership roles
  • What can be done to support the potential leaders not only in terms of training and development but also balance with their clinical roles