Scottish Government announces £100m investment into new GP contract

Written by: Sofia Lind
Published on: 1 Dec 2017


The Scottish Government has announced plans to invest £100m next year to implement the proposed new contract for GPs in Scotland.

Shona Robison, health secretary for Scotland, made the announcement today at a special BMA conference, held to discuss the new contract, which has so far divided opinion among Scotland’s GPs.

Ms Robison also committed to adding 800 GPs to the workforce over the next ten years, the health secretary for Scotland has announced.

Further details on how the GPs will be recruited will be in the Scottish Government’s forthcoming primary care workforce plan.

Analysis: A new contract is born

Dr Alan McDevitt, chair of BMA Scotland's GP Committee called the plans ‘a sensible and realistic target for the years ahead’.

He added: ‘Together with the wider measures in the proposed contract to make general practice a more attractive career, I believe that this can have a significant impact on improving GP recruitment and retention.’

In her speech the health secretary also announced a £7.5m investment in 2018/19..............................

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