Calls for £200 per patient per year

Published on: 2 Feb 2016


GP leaders have supported a call for a minimum payment per patient per year of £200, translating currently to 11% of total NHS funding.

The motion specifically demanded ‘all practices receive at least £200 per patient per year’, compared with a current average of £141 per patient.

It said the current figure was ’wholly inadequate to provide a safe, sustainable and responsive service that meets the growing needs' of patients.

Presenting the motion, vice-chair of Leeds LMC Dr Nicola Hambridge said current average funding in England calculated by the Health and Social Care Information Centre was '38.5p per day – that is 11.75p a month or £141 per year’.

She said this would in a different context buy her ‘a cappucino a week’ or 'an annual policy covering boiler breakdown… including one annual boiler health check’ and that in light of the fall of the general practice budget from 11% of overall NHS funding 10 years ago to today’s 8%, it was 'no wonder we are left with a service that is neither safe nor sustainable’.

She said '£200 was 'a minimum, a starting point, to begin to reduce inequality and reverse the systematic neglect of general practice over the past 10 years’.

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