A future where all GPs would be salaried to the NHS?

Published on: 2 Feb 2016



GP leaders have rejected a motion for the GPC to explore a move away from the independent contractor status.

In a heated debate at the Special LMC conference, GP leaders presented arguments for and against a future where all GPs would be salaried to the NHS.

The motion suggested that because ‘many younger GPs currently prefer to be salaried rather than partners’, the GPC should look at ‘future contractual models’ which ‘explore all options including movement away from independent contractor status’.

Presenting the motion, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire LMC chief executive Dr Paul Roblin said the time had come to explore the fully salaried option because ’many GPs now prefer employed status’.

’Younger doctors are wary of seeking partnership and the older doctors are exiting the profession at a rate I have not seen before in my life.’

A recent Pulse survey suggested that GP support for a move to a salaried service is increasing, with 26% now in favour and just over half (54%) opposed.

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