5 interview tips you can't afford to miss

Published on: 5 Jan 2016


Without the right preparation, you can crash and burn at an interview even if you think the job is made for you. As the interview experience is a well-worn recruitment method, there is a vast array of hints on how to give yourself the best chance of success. There are many tips that are pretty obvious – for example it stands to reason that you should be punctual and should make eye contact with the people you’re meeting – but here are some that many people overlook to their cost:


Make sure you research the job itself. 
It almost goes without saying that you’re expected to do your research about the company or practice. But a mistake that many make is to ignore the job specification because they already do most of the duties. You will have certain skills and experience that will make you a strong candidate – you wouldn’t be at the interview if you weren’t – but there may well be parts of this job where you lack knowledge or it’s not something you’ve done in your current role, if ever. Be aware of this so you can advertise your strengths and prepare for questions on your weakness. Just showing that you clearly understand and are prepared for what the role requires will set you apart from more candidates than you may have thought.


Apply any research you’ve done on the company. 
Anyone can find some facts out about a company or practice by doing a quick Google search. But what can you do with that knowledge? Is there something that their competitors are doing that may be setting them apart? Is there an efficiency that could be made that’s glaringly obvious to you? Showing that you have considered points such as these will be much more impressive to your interviewer(s) and will ensure you stand out from the crowd.


Don’t be afraid to repeat what’s in writing… 
You will be well acquainted with your CV, but you can’t expect the hiring manager(s) to have the same working knowledge. Talking about achievements or experiences listed on there doesn’t look as though you’ve run out of steam; on the contrary it will reinforce your relevant expertise in your potential employer’s mind.


…but make sure you go into detail. 
If you were to simply read out your CV in the interview, it may not sound quite as impressive as the occasion requires – you still need to be able to back it up. For example, you may have mentioned that you oversaw a particular project or committee. But the chances are that the challenges you faced or what you achieved are not noted in the document. Be ready to talk about these more thoroughly and you’ll do well.


Remember we’re all human. 
Your preparation is important to put you in a strong position, but be mindful that the interview will also assess how you will fit in with your future colleagues and any of your service users. Therefore it’s vital that you show you’re not simply reciting these answers in a robotic fashion. Showing some (appropriate) personality will not only send out the message that you’re approachable, but also that you’re the kind of person they want to work with, and that you’re excited about the chance to become part of the team.


Following these tips will give you the greatest chance of interview success. If you’re considering a career move please view our vacancies below, or CONTACT US